Ambassador Dario Item presents Credentials to Prince Albert II of Monaco


Jul 18, 2019

An important moment in the diplomatic career of Ambassador Dario Itemwas undoubtedly the meeting with Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Four months ago, on 28 February, the ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda, along with three other new ambassadors, went to the Palace of the Princes of Monaco to present his credentials to His Majesty. Before reaching Albert II, Dario Item crossed the Courtyard of Honour where some of the Carabiniers du Prince were present, who greeted the diplomat wearing a winter uniform, white shirt and gloves, blue jacket and red cuffs and a feather helmet, and holding a rifle. When he arrived in a room with wooden floor and damask sofas, Dario Item shook the hand of Prince Albert II of Monaco.

The ceremony continued, as per protocol, with the delivery of the letters of credence to the prince by the ambassador of Antigua and Barbuda, who then officialize his function as head of mission in the Principality of Monaco. When the accreditation was over, Dario Item and Albert II of Monaco moved to another room where they began a bilateral conversation.

At the end of the accreditation ceremony, Ambassador Dario Item, as well as the other three new heads of mission, returned to the seat of his embassy, accompanied by the staff of the diplomatic ceremony.

Albert II and the Principality of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco is an independent state city, located in Western Europe and bordered by France. It has more than 35 thousand inhabitants including Monegasques, French and Italians. A constitutional monarchy since 1911, the Principality of Monaco has a parliament of 24 members, elected by universal suffrage. Legislative power is exercised by the National Council and the reigning prince, while executive power is exercised by the government and the governing council.

Dario Item Gallery Presentation of Credentials Monaco (1)

On March 31, 2005, Prince Albert II of Monaco, son of Ranieri III and Grace Kelly, succeeded his father who died at the age of 81, 56 of whom passed on the throne of the Principality. President of the Monegasque Red Cross, Albert II of Monaco participates in international and national aid programs and interventions for humanitarian emergencies.


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