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Specializations: Criminal law, trust and fiduciary law, banking and financial market law, diplomatic and consular law.

Criminal Law

I have been involved in criminal law for many years, assisting clients involved in criminal proceedings with the utmost dedication and professionalism. I also have important experience in international criminal letters rogatory relating to extradition proceedings and mutual assistance in general, including the seizure of assets held on banking relationships in Switzerland. 

Banking and Financial Law

With regard to banking and financial law, I offer qualified assistance and advice to institutional clients and private individuals or corporations. Specifically, I work on:
a) consultancy
b) authorisation procedures
c) litigation

Thanks to my experience in asset management and in defending financial intermediaries, I offer my support to investors and savers who have suffered unfair prejudices in their investments.

My job as a lawyer is also to assist clients during the mediation phase, so that results can be achieved in a short time without lengthy and costly proceedings. 

Trust and Trust Law

As a lawyer, I work on trust law and fiduciary activities for the protection of individuals and assets. I advise clients in the drafting of trust deeds and contracts of trustees and assist them in litigation against trust companies and trust companies to protect their rights. 

Diplomatic and Consular Law

I also offer assistance and advice in matters of diplomatic and consular law in disputes which involve diplomatic agents against third countries, institutions and private citizens. 

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